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At times, adults who no longer have ability to care for themselves need a guardian to guide them and protect them. The Harris County Guardianship Program (HCGP) steps into this role for adults who Harris County Probate Courts have determined are incapacitated due to age or mental and physical disabilities. Specially-trained case managers help clients maintain the highest degree of dignity, respect and independence while protecting them from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Case managers organize and oversee:

Medical care
Daily needs (purchase of clothing, shoes, hygiene care, etc.)
Funerals (when necessary)

Guardianship services are often a long-term commitment and continue until the client improves to the point that they are fully capable of maintaining their own affairs, the court finds a successor guardian; such as family or friends; or until the client passes away.

If you or someone you know is in need of a public guardian, contact 713-363-2300.