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The Harris County Resources for Children and Adults provides the following services to support families through: Integrated Health Services Division, TRIAD, and Community Youth Services (CYS).

  • Services for families in crisis
  • Family and Parent-Child interaction assessments
  • Trainings on Parent-Child conflict, mental health, substance abuse, runaway/homelessness, teen pregnancy, parenting, and adolescent development
  • Grief counseling
  • Parenting classes
  • Home visits and therapy 

These services are offered through various programs:

The Integrated Health Services Division provides services to children and families involved with Texas Child Protective Services based on a model that integrates Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, and Clinical Assessment services. A team of professionals in one location, the Youth Services Center, provides all services. Psychiatric services, home-based therapy, child and adult assessments and permanency planning are also among the services included.

Community Youth Services (CYS) is a school-based crisis intervention and case coordination program offered in 14 school districts and in the community. The goal of the CYS program is to prevent school aged youth from becoming victims of child abuse, running away, dropping out of school or entering into delinquent behavior.

TRIAD provides countywide prevention and early intervention services to divert youth from involvement with the child welfare, mental health, and/or juvenile justice systems. Services include free counseling and therapy to families of youth with serious mental health issues, JP court services, parent-youth programs, youth leadership skills, mentoring, and a 24-hour hotline for families in crisis.