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Safety Net Services

Safety Net aims to reduce youth homelessness by preventing runaways and intervening in the lives of youth who have run away. The goal is to reduce family and school conflicts by providing a variety of services to create alternatives to running away. Safety Net provides: service coordination, assistance with emergency shelter placements and other safe housing alternatives, contracted individual and family therapy, and limited financial assistance. Eligible youth are ages 10-17 who are:

Currently homeless
Living in a voluntary placement away from a legal guardian
At-risk of running away
Contemplating runaway, or
Have a runaway history

For more information on Safety Net services, contact Safety Net Project Manager at 713-295-2520.

Youth Development

The Safety Net philosophy is that the best way to prevent young people’s involvement in risky behavior is to help them reach their full potential. Positive Youth Development provides activities to youth before, during or after services, including community projects and outreach aimed at developing leadership. The Youth Services Division offers three youth groups for youth who may need an outlet or a safe place to interact with other young people:

Gulfton and Pasadena Youth Advisory Committees (YAC)
Youth Services Division Advisory Council
Youth on B.O.A.R.D. leadership council

The age requirements for these groups vary. Youth range from ages 12 to 21.

For more information on these groups, contact the Youth and Family Coordinator at 713-295-2514.